From the recording BP They Making New Dead Sea

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BP They Making A New Dead Sea
Douglas R. Ewart May 2010

***There are one or two improvised lines that are utilized at some places in the recordings and a few lines of the text were not utilized.

BP they making a new Dead Sea
BP and congress together
BP don’t care about you nor me
BP they just making money
BP they got a powerful lobby
BP lots of money
BP has no reality man
BP you can’t control the sea

BP bad policy
BP too careless you see
BP too arrogant for we
BP is a symptom you see
BP socioeconomic malady
BP bad philosophy
BP bad reality
BP fully of folly
BP when they hit you, you fall lee tee
BP they making a new dead sea
BP too deep in the sea
BP Big oil spill you see
BP says it’s a minor spill
BP killing the fish and the sea
BP not taking responsibility
BP going to cap the oil with garbage man
BP cap it with a concrete top hat man
Bp going to siphon oil from under the sea
BP cap it with mud maybe
BP toxic dispersants
BP they lack crucial technology
BP constant hilarity
BP where is Congress
BP Congress doing there less

BP big procrastination
BP they did not have a solid plan
BP the oil easily got out of hand
BP Where was congressman?
BP could have averted this you see
BP they making billions you see
BP they skimped on safety recipe
BP Bad eruption man
BP killing you and me
BP desecrating the sea
BP bad policy

BP they making a new Dead Sea
BP and congress together
BP We the people are way too silent you see
PB We part of the equation
BP we are part of their consumer plan
BP our oil addiction man
BP oil pusher you see
BP we are guilty to you see
BP don’t care bout environment
BP Blatant policy
BP benighted man
BP big politics man
BP congress doing there less
BP reckless no plan
BP skimp, scamp, scrammed
BP lack technology
BP bad policy

Mr. President stops off shore drilling permanently
President Obama, we must switch to solar energy, wind power, thermal energy, and green power. BP, Exxon, etc., done enough damage, polluting and ecological killing man. BP, Exxon, Halliburton, Trans Oceans, Cameron International Corporation, Big corruption!