Babylon Burning

This is an opportune time for Jamaica to advance its spiritual, social, political, and economic development. The government of Jamaica must start by dismantling all Garrisons and like communities throughout Jamaica. It is a daunting task, but it must be tackled and achieved. Any positive aspect that Garrison communities have must be retained and there are many such aspects. We must refrain from stereotyping people who reside in these communities, as there are many contributing citizens within them. Jamaica must cleanse and restructure the police, customs, military, clergy and politicians. Jamaica must first acknowledge and accept that sweeping changes must be implemented swiftly. Are Jamaicans really prepared to make the kind of changes and sacrifices necessary to change the country’s current trajectory, and positively transform Jamaica? Such change will require very demanding strictures, structures and a more humane, fair and equitable distribution of Jamaica's assets. You cannot have the kind of disparity and poverty that thrives in Jamaica and hope to have civility, and significant and lasting crime reduction.

Christopher “Dudus” Coke must rightly have his day in court before he is determined to be innocent or guilty of his alleged crimes. We cannot say we are for justice and the rule of law, if we are not willing to go through legal channels in order to make just decisions. Mr. Coke is just one of countless others who are the products of systematic deprivation for generations: abject poverty, corruption, convenience, complacency, licky-licky, social isolation, political expediency and myopic perspectives. Successive Jamaican governments, both JLP and PNP have also abdicated their responsibilities to their constituents. We must also recognize the complications caused by illicit drugs, illicit weapons trade, and the desperation of people in the economically suppressed, depressed and disenfranchised countries/colonies of the world. Currency from illicit drugs and guns trade fuels the world’s economies to the tune of billions of dollars annually, which makes it impossible for the poor not the engage in as a means of survival.

The protection they provide, and their prompt implementation of rules, regulations, punishment and benefits endear the dons to the people, which is understandable. The ineptitude of elected and appointed government officials has bolstered and legitimised donship. There is no doubt that some of these dons have their good qualities and are highly intelligent. However, what about the nefarious activities of the dons and their colleagues, and what about the people who object to their dictatorship/feudal lordship/tyrannical rule? After all, Jamaica is a country that elects and appoints its representatives, even though some of these representatives are extremely selfish, inept and corrupt. We cannot have nations within a nation that prey upon the citizens who are from outside of their vicinities/provinces, nor should we praise these dons for their great community works that benefit a minute segment of the population while terrorizing the greater society.

Unbridled vigilantism, execution without legal procedures, bribery and criminality are scourges to our entire society and must be eradicated with alacrity.

The older and very tarnished politician/polytricksions need to allow an orderly transition whereby younger, fresher, more visionary, more committed, more honest and less contaminated people to take over the running of Jamaica. Jamaica needs Truth, Resignations and Reconciliation in order to move forward.

The Jamaica Government must do a complete sweep of the island for guns/weapons. The government should seek assistance from countries that have the technology to find hidden weapons (dogs and high tech equipment). The Jamaican government must seek assistance from those that can proffer this assistance without strings and maintain Jamaica’s sovereignty and control of the operations.

Garrison communities should not be stereotyped and treated unjustly in the pursuit of criminals, as criminals reside in every community, uptown, downtown and rural. The so-called upper classes: the police, customs, military, clergy, politicians, merchants, etc., must respect and protect the rights of the poor and thus themselves.

Unbridled vigilantism, execution without legal procedures, bribery and failure to acknowledge criminality are scourges to our entire society and must be eradicated with alacrity.

Many people in seats of power are corrupt in Jamaica, USA and beyond. However, we must look at our Jamaican corruption/pus.
Let us cleanse our systems instead of justifying and condoning our corruption based on the US and other corrupted entities.

Jamaica should endeavour to develop downtown Kingston in terms of its architectural restoration, renovation and economic viability/potentiality, which would provide work and develop Kingston’s tourist attractiveness. Jamaica could/should concentrate on being a country that exports its over flow of well trained nurses, doctors and teachers, technicians, etc., which could earn Jamaica substantial revenue in foreign lands if correctly organized and operated. Our human resources are our most promising assets.

For things to significantly and permanently change, Jamaica has to solve its most pressing problems of high illiteracy, astronomical unemployment, domestic violence, high teen pregnancy, and the need to grow more of the food it consumes. Now is an ideal time to initiate substantive change, and the old guards should/could be some of the people to facilitate its inauguration and then step aside if they really want a brilliant future for Jamaica. The populace has to insist on the resignation of many of Jamaica’s current officials. The populace must also vote for people based on qualification, commitment and integrity, rather than party affiliations and the temporary crumbs they provide a fraction of their constituents. Production and Positivism…Yes! Corruption and Selfishness…No!

Douglas R. Ewart